Madhya Pradesh can be described as the best state of the nation when it comes to the diversity of its tourism destinations.Madhya Pradesh is known as the “Heart of India” because of a lot many things that it has to offer. It has been home to cultural and spiritual heritage of almost all the religions. Innumerable monuments, intricately carved temples, stupas, forts and palaces are dotted all over the State. The natural beauty of the state is equally varied. Consisting largely of a plateau, the State has everything, from mighty mountain ranges to meandering rivers to miles of verdant forests. In fact a large part of Madhya Pradesh is under the forest cover, offering a unique and exciting panorama of wildlife. In the National Parks of Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench you can spot the tiger, bison and a wide variety of deer and antelope.

Water sports, caravan journeys, river cruise, sound and light shows, tribal life, Madhya Pradesh has everything for every travel thirsty soul. Romance with nature in the Marble Rocks of Jabalpur in the moonlight or lose yourself in the legend of the poet prince Baz Bahadur and his beautiful consort Roopmati in Mandu. Follow the trails of Prince Rama in Chitrakoot. Let the hands of time which have rested lightly on the chhatris, palaces and forts of Orchha and Gwalior, whisper the tales of medieval India.

The temples of Khajuraho are India’s unique gift to the world, representing love and joys of life in a sublime expression. Madhya Pradesh is also a shopper’s paradise with beautiful Maheshwari and Chanderi textiles and bell metal craft of Bastar. The state is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites namely Sanchi, Bhimbetka and Khajuraho. But perhaps the best part about Madhya Pradesh is its accessibility. It is equally close to major tourist destinations from all over the country, being the ‘Heart of India’.

Top Attractions & Destinations In Madhya Pradesh

Orchha Chhatris

Mandu Jahaz Mahal

Khajuraho Kandariya Mahadev

Maheshwar Ghat and Weaving

Things To Do In Madhya Pradesh


Raja Cafe


Sarafa, Indore

Sulemani Chai

Experiences In Madhya Pradesh

Chasing The Big Cats

Ram Raja Temple and Aarti